#testingtechnews - Software Testing Webinars in History

#testingtechnews - Software Testing Webinars in History

The webinar of software testing loved by hosts and attendees.

Webinar: Choosing A Test Automation Tool: 8 Features That Matter

The webinar will discuss the major components of a great test automation tool, and its place within CI/CD infrastructure. In this webinar you will learn the following: Key components of a test automation tool Place of a test automation tool within CI/CD infrastructure Benefits of an integrated testing solution.

Webinar - Best Practices for Creating and Running Load Tests

Join us as we cover best practices and hands-on tools for preparing, creating and running performance tests. We’ll cover how to create highly scalable load tests up to 2 million virtual users, and how to efficiently collaborate with teams to get real-time analysis and reporting.

[webinar] Building a Winning Dev/Test Team: Joe Colantonio Interviews Greg Sypolt from USA Today

Greg Sypolt will give Joe Colantonio and us an in-depth look at the tools, processes, procedures, and best practices that enable USA Today to release quality software products - faster, and allow his winning Dev/Test team to increase coverage and quality, without going over-budget.

accelQ Webinar featuring Forrester, learn how to achieve in-sprint automation and Continuous Testing

In this webinar, we have guest speaker, industry leading analyst Diego Lo Giudice from Forrester to share his perspective on the expectation from Quality engineering to align with continuous delivery

Securing Container-Based Applications at the Speed of DevOps

Thanks to containerization and automation, applications are being developed and delivered faster than ever. With tools such as AWS ECR, developers are able to store, manage and deploy Docker container images without having to worry about operating their own container repositories or scaling the underlying infrastructure.

[How-to Session] Creating a Flawless User Experience, End-to-End, Functional to Visual

In this hands-on session, we will show how to write functional tests, which ensure that the application performs user actions correctly, as well as write visual tests that guarantee that the application does not suffer embarrassing UI bugs, glitches and regressions.

Perfecto | Cloud-based DevOps Testing

Foldable phones are here -and they'll soon be in the hands of consumers. In fact, three of the leading Android vendors have already launched such devices - including Samsung, LG, and Huawei. And with this new generation of devices, DevOps teams will need to ensure that their apps are ready.

[webinar] The Joy of Testing in Production - with expert Amber Race

In this session, expert Amber Race will demonstrate multiple methods for collecting production data, and give real-life examples of how production data can help you find bugs - and even enable running tests in production.

Selenium Secrets Webinar: WebDriver internals for better automation

Understanding how Selenium works will help you improve test stability and performance. Register for a close look at Selenium internals.

Webinar: Cutting the Costs And Improving The Software Quality with SpiraTeam®

Inflectra and #sriramrajagopalan invite you to a free webinar: Cutting the Costs And Improving Quality with SpiraTeam(R). This webinar is the 4th webinar in Inflectras five-part online training course on agile project lifecycle management called: Journey Into Agile With Inflectra. WHY THIS WEBINAR: Whether one uses plan-driven approaches to managing software projects or agile approaches to developing software products, the intense focus on producing high-quality software remains. Yet, most software being developed comes with quality challenges. This webinar will emphasize the two major criteria for software quality: the difference between quality control and quality assurance, and the responsibilities of the various roles in software quality management. Save your spot today, as space is limited. Choose the platform that works for you: Eventbrite I Meet-up

Break Free from Bad Testing Habits - Tricentis

This webinar shares practical advice to break free from bas testing—so you can deliver the fast, actionable feedback that team members expect.

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